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We want that our creations reach all the corners of the world, for this reason we offer a worldwide delivery.

Our creations are realized with special paper, washi, part of UNESCO patrimony, they are all hand made by using special techniques, like origami art, which results in an unique flower.

SkyOrigami is pleased to offer to its clients our Standard Bouquet Collection where you can find a selection of flowers, sizes and colours that you can customize, according your taste and needs.

SkyOrigami Prive  Special Blooming is a tailor-made service where you will be in direct contact with our Ambassadors in order to create your own bouquet, being able to choose the flowers, size of bouquet and colour that best fits you.

SkyOrigami flowers do not require water and thus should not be watered, under any circumstances, as this will cause damage to your creation. To get the most out of your SkyOrigami creation please ensure that you always follow our Care Instructions.

SkyOrigami Prive it is customized product, a special design creation that can fully filled the needs and requirements of our clients by creating any type of flower, in any size or colour.