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SkyOrigami has the mission to bring the recreated beauty of nature in your living, working or travelling spaces.

This mission leads us to our special creations –  the SkyOrigami flowers. They are a combination between creativity and technique, between an idea and its realization, resulting in a unique style full of beauty, delicacy and sophistication – the BLOOMING ART.


The concept of SkyOrigami flowers is an innovative one, created in order to bring you a piece of art in your living and travelling space, such as house, office, plane or boat. It has several benefits as increased safety, being an alternative to the traditional flowers, no water needed, so accidents caused by spilling water or stains are fully avoided. The economy of time and money will be significant, as the life time expectation is much longer compared to traditional flowers; every creation is unique, as it is handmade, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a piece of art.


The main used technique is Origami where the goal is to transform a flat square sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting methods. Origami is more than an art, because it is also used in mathematics: for example a special technique was developed for the deployment of car airbags, or the “rigid origami” that helped the creation of “Miura map fold” – a rigid fold that has been used to deploy large solar panels  arrays for space satellites.

Also, the technical origami is an origami design approach in which the model is conceived as an engineering crease pattern. In computer area programs as TreeMaker and Oripa it allows new origami bases to be designed for special purposes or to calculate the folded shape from the crease pattern.

What makes the creations even more special is the paper that is used, the main one being the washi paper, a handmade paper, which itself was a luxury item at its debut in Japan. Washi paper has a warm texture as well as a resilience and durability that belie its remarkable thinness, it is also known as the paper that lasts a thousand years.

The secret behind the strength of washi lies in carefully selected raw materials and a painstaking process of handmade production that has remained essentially unchanged for centuries. Bleach or other chemicals are not involved, which means that they don’t turn yellow in sunlight, but actually become whiter when struck by ultraviolet rays.

In 2014 ,”Washi”, craftsmanship of traditional Japanese handmade paper”, was inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.